Bloodhound Collections Software

Bloodhound SoftwareOver the past 20 years the collection industry has been revolutionized by an ever changing blend of technology.  In order to ensure maximum efficiency in recovering our clients outstanding accounts, Credit Service International Corphas partnered with Roydan Enterprises, developers of Bloodhound Software.

Currently Roydan Enterprises stands as the leader in high end collections software development, serving clients nation wide, and striving to meet the ever evolving demands of the collections technology market. As one of Roydan’s first clients in 1991, Credit Service International has remained at the forefront of the intensely competitive technology field.

Bloodhound software allows us to out perform our competitors with a unique blend of predictive dialing capabilities, voice messaging, and telephony directive collections options. This means that our highly trained staff is simply able to reach your debtors more effectively and consistently, driving our outstanding returns and blowing our competition out of the water.

Clients of Credit Service International also enjoy many benefits besides increased returns on their delinquent accounts receivables. We are able to customize a wide variety of remittance options, along with a diverse blend of unique reports that can keep you up to date on how we are working for you.

Clients also enjoy the flexibility to list accounts with our company using many unique options, including electronic listings in multiple formats and the use of our easy Client Listing Form on this very website!

Choose Credit Service International Corp. to see how our partnership with Roydan Enterprises can increase your bottom line.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to listen to the following Interview with Credit Service International CEO John Erickson and Roydan Enterprises President and Owner Dan Horning.

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