Client Access/Listing Form

Client Web Access

Legacy system logins will not work for this system, please contact us if you do not have logins for this system.
If you do not have, but would like access to this page please contact us.  This system will allow you to track the progress of your accounts placed for collection.  Otherwise feel free to use the legacy listing form below.

Also please be aware that older versions of Internet Explorer web browser may not work with the Client Web Access system.  We encourage you to install the Mozilla Firefox web browser from the following link:

Client Web Access (Legacy)

“We have fully upgraded and revamped our Electronic Client listing capabilities.  All clients who previously listed using  the electronic listing form on this page will now be required to login into our client “Weblink” portal and use the new improved listing form on this platform.  If you have not received your logins to this system please contact our office at 1-800-584-9407 .  Along with an upgraded Client listing form, access to our Client “Weblink”  will allow you to track your accounts 24/7/365, generate reports, as well as report payments and discounts.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.  Thank you again in advance for your understanding as we continue to improve our client listing, reporting and remittance capabilities.”


Thank you,


John Erickson


Credit Service Intl. Corp.